About Us

DisabilityApprovalGuide.us is dedicated to helping qualified individuals with disabling conditions get the benefits they deserve.

We understand what is involved in the process of trying to get approved for disability benefits. We are dedicated to increasing public awareness of disability issues, educating applicants on the approval process, and putting you in direct contact with social security advocates and attorneys that practice in disability law. Our automated matching system uses cutting-edge technology to make the process as fast, easy, and successful as possible.

Many people who are denied benefits find out that they are still eligible. They’ve only been denied due to mistakes made on applications, misunderstanding the process, missing deadlines, not presenting proper documentation, or lacking overall help and understanding. We have developed this website and partnered with some of the most successful social security disability advocates, representatives, and attorneys nationwide to provide free legal advice for disability benefits with a no-cost social security disability evaluation and consultation.

We have over 10 years’ experience providing online and offline resources to the public. We help anyone and everyone find the professional assistance they need, free of charge through our automated matching system.

Whether you are filing a first-time application or appealing a denial, we are here to get you the cash benefits you are entitled to. For help getting approved for benefits, click here.

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